Brazilian brides - what makes them so attractive for men?

Passing by is not uncommon on the streets in Rio. It also happens that the pimps of the ladies beat up and exorcise unsuspecting suitors. In general, if you are looking for sex in Rio, the biggest danger is so with freelancers and street prostitutes.

Rio Girls – Differences between normal girls an in Rio de Janeiro

Of course, this Rio nightlife guide should not be limited to sex tourism in Rio de Janeiro. Even the dates and meetings of normal girls in Rio De Janeiro is not art. So that you immediately recognize the differences between normal girls and prostitutes in Rio, we have compared you here some features. Prostitutes and freelancers usually lurk on street corners, in discotheques or bars on customers. Most prostitutes are traveling alone. Normal girls, however, often go out in groups.

Normal girls in Rio show little interest. You usually have to take the first step. If a lady shows a noticeable amount of interest in you, then you can usually assume that she is looking for customers. Normal girls from Rio de Janeiro usually do not go to bed with you after the first date. After the second date, it should be but usually no problem.

Brazilian women for the best choice of mail order brides

Do girls from Rio go with the first date with one?

Normal girls you meet in dating, bars or discos in Rio de Janeiro usually do not go home the first night. A Brazilian wants to be conquered, even if it is not really hard in the end, she likes to do so. So if you want to get in touch with women and have sex away from prostitutes and sex tourism in Rio de Janeiro, then you should definitely schedule several dates.

2 bathing mermaids on the beach in Brazil

The neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro

Now that you know all about safety and Rio De Janeiro and also understand how the women in Rio De Janeiro tick, we’ll introduce you to the city on the Sugar Loaf. Here are the most popular and important neighborhoods for sex tourism, party, and nightlife in Rio de Janeiro.


Copacabana is a paradise for men who want to plunge into nightlife. There is easy access to beaches such as Ipanema and Copacabana itself and beautiful women at night. Find accommodation near the Siqueira Campos subway station, where you will find the brothels, the Terma Monte Carlo and Mab’s bar. Ideal for sex in Rio!

Why choose a Brazilian woman?

Although there is hardly any prostitution in Ipanema, it is undeniably beautiful. The perfect place to relax during the day and drive over to Copacabana for a party at night.


Leblon is the “Beverly Hills” of Rio de Janeiro. We are not a big fan of the district. It is expensive and there is no nightlife for single men. However, it has good shopping and restaurants in the area.

Barra Tijuca

This area is located south of Rio de Janeiro. It is a prosperous area and it is also good for surfing. There are many brothels in this area and the girls are very beautiful and also expensive, especially because of the high-end clientele that comes from here.


Here, men’s dreams come true. Centro is a magical place. Dozens of brothels are scattered in this area. Most of the brothels and terms are located at the metro stations Carioca, Cinelandia and Uruguaiana. Centro is more suitable if you already know the city because it is orphaned at night and not always and everywhere safe.


Our favorite place to go out and have a good time. In Lapa, you can just hang out, drink, relax and enjoy the city. Lapa has everything; Samba, rock, bars, clubs, outdoor dining, all kinds of food and cachaça. Especially with a date that you made clear online, we recommend that you take a trip to Lapa and enjoy a good time.

Brazilian girls are exotic and cool

The best places to stay in Rio

For a first-time visitor to Rio de Janeiro looking for a party, beach, and nightlife, Copacabana is clearly the perfect place to stay. Especially in the vicinity of the subway station Siqueira, you can feel safe and secure. So you can easily explore the city by subway during the day and at night all the bars, clubs and brothels are within your reach.

Yes, Ipanema is nicer than Copacabana, but anyone looking for nightlife and going to brothels in Rio de Janeiro should definitely stay in Copacabana. Incidentally, the only facility that offers sex in Ipanema is Termas Centaurus.

If you come to Rio again and again and know the city a bit, you can try out some of the neighborhoods. Santa Teresa is one of the most beautiful places in the whole of Rio that many tourists never see. It is not far from the cheap brothels in Centro and you are only 2 stops

by underground from Centro with its many brothels.

Bars in Rio de Janeiro

Bars are the place in Rio de Janeiro where you can meet and tow women. Whether you are looking for normal girls from Rio, tourists or freelancers prostitutes, in the bars of Rio de Janeiro everyone will find it.

Why do Brazilian women choose to date foreigners?

Also, to go out with your date, which you have made clear online, a visit to a bar is always worthwhile. We have listed the best bars in Rio de Janeiro here.

The cliche of the Brazilian woman

There are two extreme prejudices about the appearance of Brazilian ladies: the Brazilian woman, who is rather peasant, with headscarves and facial hair, stomps through her hard life and has hardly any stimuli, and the overly sexual, rigged Barbie, who fishes for millionaires.

In fact, the latter comes closest to modern Brazil, but how wrong you are anyway, we explain here.

How Brazil shaped his wives

Even before the times of socialism, and especially during that time, women in Brazil worked just as hard as men. And in addition, they also took care of children and household. This has changed little until today! They are true all-rounders who sometimes seem hard and cold, but just keep their vulnerable soul hidden under a solid shell.

Brazilian dating - what must be pointed out? Brazilian mail order brides are your best choice to find a real love

Often, in Brazilian men, they do not find anyone who cares about them the way they would like, wooing them, and sharing the tasks of everyday life with them. Because the Brazilians still see in the ladies the over-women, as their mothers and grandmothers were.

The Brazilian girl is educated, confident and beautiful. She can work hard, but she also longs for a man who knows how to appreciate her. At the present time, she is looking for much that has been denied her in the harsh past of her homeland.

What dating sites should you use to meet a Brazilian lady?

The embodiment of femininity

Brazilian and all other Brazilian women are considered especially beautiful. But why is that? Only on the Slavic trains? These certainly play a role. But more important is her awareness of her appearance. The best dating agencies are BrazilianBrides, ColumbiaLady, LatinWomenLove, VictoriyaCLub. 

In most Latin countries, it is a duty for the woman to look perfect in any life situation. That is why they attach great importance to hairstyle, make-up, often tight-fitting clothing, fingernails, perfume and, of course, high heels. It’s not about cheap “sell yourself” as some western emancipated woman would mock now. No! Latin women are proud of their femininity and want to present it.

The strengths of a Brazilian woman lie elsewhere. Usually, these women are pretty and blond. In addition, these women have exotic charisma. With their attractive facial features and the feminist body, it is not easy to escape the spell of these women. In plain English, a Brazilian woman is always a real eye-catcher at his side. In this way, you can easily put in the scene. Even for the introverted men, Brazilian women are an ideal partner. In this way, a balanced relationship can be maintained.

Brazilian marriage agency

The best dating agencies are BrazilianBrides, ColumbiaLady, LatinWomenLove, VictoriyaCLub. They are always ready to help you to find your dream girl. Another cliché, especially with regard to the western men’s search, is that Brazilian women like to be the dear housewife at the hearth and want to be completely dependent on a man. A big mistake! Never underestimate the strength of the Brazilian woman and her quest for independence.

BrazilianBrides suggests a great number of beautiful women, who can make your life rather brighter. 

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