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So, you have decided to search for brides online. Moreover, you are doing it abroad and is interested, what other nationalities, besides yours, can be covered by your searches. We wanna represent to your attention Estonian brides – adventurous yet calm people with highly developed civilization. They are intelligent and live in peace with their neighbors. They all live in a relatively rich country and thus, will not move from their country for the same reasons that brides from much poorer countries would. What things you should know about those North-character people?

Estonian women for the best choice of a mail order bride

Estonian mail order brides follow the general line of their motherland:

  • They love to make business and strive to make decent money, reasonably combining it with personal life, finding a balance. This is backed by the fact that Estonia has the biggest number in Europe of startups in various spheres per capita. Another fact why so many people there are engaged in business is that it only takes you 5 minutes and online access to register your own company and obtain all allowances to start working and takes no more than 10 minutes per month to make any budget procedures, taxation or refunding of VAT or anything like that. Maybe you will even want to move your company to Estonia rather than to bring an Estonian bride to your country. And you will definitely have a common tongue with her when speaking about doing business.
  • The country’s press freedom is one of the highest in the world (ranked 3rd).
  • Hot Estonian brides seem not to care about the religion – only 16% of the entire population is religious. Knowing that you avoid so many issues concerning religion and she can easily take yours or not to be in any.
  • Their country is wonderfully clean and ‘green’ in all respects – they breathe wonderfully pure air, have 50% of the country under forests and 22% of the land under agriculture. They eat healthier food than nearly any other nation.
  • Some Estonian mail order bride may worry about her safety – if living in places covered with woods, not in large cities – as the country’s forests are populated with lynxes, bears, and wolves. As funny as it sounds – this may be one of the reasons why best Estonian brides dream about moving to some abroad country with better safety in this issue.
  • Skype was born in Estonia – which makes this country one of the most high-tech advanced in the world. There are many IT startups over there and your Estonian bride may work in one of them at this moment (why not?).
  • What you will be jealous about for sure – is that in their capital, Tallinn, the public transportation is free for official residents of the capital. Lesser expenses, lesser private cars, cleaner air, lower pollution, and more income for the city due to increasing number or registered dwellers of the capital who pay their taxes here, not elsewhere. What your Estonian bride may be amazed by your country’s public transportation system (if she moves to you from Tallinn) – that she has to pay money to ride a bus or a subway. 

Why choose an Estonian woman?

In all respects, Estonian brides online come from a technologically and economically advanced country. They will be very close-minded to you in everything – business, expenses, civilization, and culture. Although it will be tough for you to learn their language (which is one of the hardest in the world and has the specificity of many dual letters in words, which make words longer – just look at the name of their capital, Tallinn), you can be nearly 100% sure that your Estonian bride speaks English. It is considered a good tone to know English in Estonia – so no matter whether a beautiful Estonian woman travels to you (or you are going to travel to hers) – you both will understand each other, as well as you won’t have problems with other people.

Estonian girls are remarkable in the daily and sexual life

Despite the fact that hot Estonian women live in one of the cold countries, they are cheered and completely happy. In sex and mundane life, they are looking for a clever partner, in the first place. They have been raised with high economic wealth and safety in pretty much all relations, so they need to feel emotional and mental proximity to a partner to make sex wonderful and mutually beneficial. Unlike wives from Latin America or the Arab world, who are ready to be humble and indecisive in bed, falling under a will of a husband, Estonian brides for sale are women with high self-respect, self-esteem, and want a strong man to be nearby.

Why Estonian women choose to date foreigners?

In dating foreigners, Estonian brides for marriage, first of all, look for a soulmate, the same-minded person, who would complete them. The relations with sexy Estonian women are never about the need for money from their side – as they know how to make it on their own. It is about finding a really good person, who would share their interests.

Estonian dating is advantageous for you as a Western man

It is hard to find another country in the world, where non-native English speakers would be so similar in everything to English speaking people of highly developed countries. Right from the start, you will experience that in front of you is a well-educated and highly intelligent person. Amongst Estonian brides, it is much easier for you to find a like-minded match, without incomprehensible stories, which dwellers of other countries would tell you, without all those broken hearts and mutilated fates. If they like you – they wanna meet you because you are a nice person to them. They can even buy a plane ticket at their cost to come to see you (and they won’t have problems with visa to the UK or the US). 

What dating sites should you use to meet an Estonian lady?


The above-mentioned 4 sites are the best places to look for single Estonian brides.

You don’t have to stay alone – not with any splendid sites on the list above. Start with easy and unobtrusive registration to select from the vastness of given women or men – you can immediately see their profiles scrolled through (like in or statically submitted (like in any other site). After the several-minute registration taking a few steps and verification by e-mail, you’re allowed to browse through all profiles in the database depending on your subscription. Search them based on your preferences (age, location, gender, interests, the color of hair, eyes, education, and others).

In the profile, you can see pictures and videos that girls/men post, talk to them online, and arrange offline meetings.

Estonian mail order brides are the best choice

Taking into account a high level of economic freedom, education, and personal traits of Estonian brides, we recommend them to any man living in the Western world, who would like to find someone supportive and bright. With Estonian brides, you will not have issues and hardness of cultural and language discrepancies and barriers, but you will be able to plunge yourself into nice chatting and the process of getting to know each other with ease and positive interest. In such legal relations that you will be having with Estonian brides, there will be no victim or savior – there will be two equally benefitting real partners. 

Estonian marriage agency

Our Estonian brides’ agency is the official representative of Estonian women online. We strive to make your online communication with them cloudless and seamless. That is why we have implemented a transparent system of registration, the search for the match, communication, and, finally, meeting in person. Try Estonian women dating opportunity now and you’ll love it!

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