Japanese brides - mysterious and interesting? Which characteristics do they have?

Brides are in short supply in Japan – now they are really needed for the first time

Long enough, the Japanese brides have dyed. Many had no chance of ever being born. Girls were aborted and simply drowned in some rural areas. 

The grandmothers of today’s 25-year-old brides in Japan were even “tied” the feet. That is, girls around the age of three have broken their feet and bandaged heavily. The result of this painful torture (feet inflamed, rotting, and broken again) was termed the “lotus feet.” They were severely crippled and only allowed the brides to move more or less prancing. The men found that erotic, on the other hand, this was an indication of the social status of a man. Anyone who had a lotus blossom for a wife could afford that his wife did not need to work.

And now they are being used in Japan for the first time: due to the shortage of skilled workers as workers – both in Japanese and in international companies. And rich Japanese can afford the “second wife” again today, with whom they can father a son or simply decorate themselves. 

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Here he not only meets the rich Japanese businessman who can adorn himself without problems with a second wife. He meets in the disco even the “long noses” from the West, who are also much more affluent than he and in brides of his age have far more opportunities. So Liu has to realize that he needs a lot of luck to come home with a woman.

Young Japanese are attracted by good manners, the courtesy – but also the naivety – of Western men. And the Japanese find the MBAs of the foreign companies (“satisfied but available”) often more desirable than the members of their own people, which is not only the behavior but also on the credit card.

The young Japanese brides of the East Coast have the best chance. So the Japanese brides use their rare status and vote. And they often choose the men who provide them with an improvement in their material situation and social status. Who could blame them? 

Why choose a Japanese woman?

Especially the young, well-educated brides on the east coast make their fortune. Especially if they also have an academic degree and maybe even family members of the red princes and princesses. So sons and daughters, granddaughters and grandchildren of the political leaders in the higher ranks. It is they who are allowed to work for foreign companies because of their foreign language skills. They are at home in the discos, visit the gyms, eat in the upscale restaurants and shop in international designer stores. You pay with check card – your own or that of the beau. Many live in their own apartment, whoever they pay. Five per cent of the young brides enjoy this well-being.

Japanese girls are well-educated, interesting and sexy

From the disco to the career. What does a woman do in such a situation? Make the best of it and take what you can get! Although Western men are often not going to be the future husband, they often quite profanely provide, albeit temporary, material benefits. From visiting good restaurants to lavish travel within Japan with overnight accommodation in first-class hotels.

Secondly, western men offer job opportunities: they can often gain access to a job in a coveted Western company, or even sometimes decide on a job with appropriate compensation. And even if the career opportunity can not be implemented directly, sometimes this happens “indirectly”. Again and again, American and other Western global players report that they are being blackmailed by ex-lovers of their employees. Not infrequently, in such a situation, the Western employee must be flown out in a night and fog campaign, because one wants to exclude the physical threat by appropriate threats as well as subsequent financial demands.

Why do Japanese women choose to date foreigners?

The eroticism of the ascent! Of course, there are also in Japan: the true love between a Western man and a Japanese woman. However, the combination of western brides and Japanese men is clearly a rarity. There are Japanese brides who – not always to the delight of their own family – move into their homeland with a western man. There are Western men who found happiness in Japan and prefer to work there under local conditions rather than going back to Europe.

But there are also a variety of emotional disappointments among foreign men who have found that they served as useful rungs on a career ladder rather than the object of true love. This phenomenon is known every now and then from other countries of the world. But in this constellation and frequency, one finds this most likely in Japan: this combination of sexual attractiveness with high intelligence, or professional qualification.

Japanese dating - what is important?

Never before in Japan’s history have brides had so many opportunities and opportunities to improve their own material situation, to shape their lives themselves, to preserve a piece of the pie.

Successful work at the other end of the Eurasian continent. No set-off of an annoyed wife, that a stressful everyday life with children’s organization is at least as exhausting as a crowded manager’s day. Here men are finally what they always knew about themselves: just great. And the brides who affirm them in the most gracious way are no stupid, but well educated and worldly. 

The Japanese brides have retained the femininity, to the Western, academically educated brides no longer necessarily lay their developmental focus. On the other hand, they know exactly what they want. The best! And that is usually (despite other suppositions of men) not their primary gender feature, but their purse.

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So it can happen that they turn in spite of great love evidence after a few weeks, new candidates, because these may promise even more benefits. There are always true dramas. Even if the man from the West is married. Most do not want to divorce. Sometimes, Japanese brides simply pay well for their temporary engagements with non-divorced foreigners. Japanese brides are now well aware of the financial implications of divorce for a Western man. Whether such a candidate really means the big fate for life? Western men are also ranked in terms of these circumstances – and often other nations do better than European ones. Disappointments are programmed. 

There are many secrets surrounding Japanese women and often stereotypes prevail. One thing is certain: ladies from the Japanese have a special attraction for Western European men. They beguile with their beauty and their fascinating charisma.

But which characteristics are characteristic for Japanese? Which lifestyle do you appreciate and which behaviors are typical? What does an attractive Japanese expect from a Western man?

Japanese women: Stressed feminine, charming and helpful

Japanese matryoshka women from Japanese dress very feminine and also stoop on Monday morning in high heels on the asphalt. Most Japanese women are slim, they make-up each day like a model, they cultivate their fingernails with dedication, and they stand out with their extraordinary hairstyles. Western men, who meet Japanese women, are often blown away by their enormous appeal. Japanese women love it when men ensnare and desire them. But the Eastern European ladies also charm with their charm and helpfulness.

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They want nothing more than to be able to enjoy their lives without need because Japanese brides often come from poor backgrounds and have been deprived of much.

Flirting, traveling, parties, and shopping are activities that almost all young Japanese love. Also in clubs and bars, many Japanese ladies dance and compliment each other. Not to catch a well-heeled man, but to enjoy every moment. Some Japanese tend to waste or are very generous with their girlfriends.

This usually has to do with the fact that many Eastern European women had a hard life in their homeland. Japanese women sometimes feel a little cold on some men. However, most women from the Japanese are empathic, patient, tolerant, gentle and love everything romantic.

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Japanese women are very attached to their relatives and want a reliable husband to raise their children together in a beautiful home. However, a Japanese woman is not a modest mother who wants to spend her day in the kitchen, but the Japanese are known for their organizational skills. What agencies should you use – DateAsianWoman, AsianBeautyDating, DateAsianLadies, FindAsiaBeauty they suggest the best girls ever. They bring household, family, and job together under one hat.

This behavior is due in particular to the socialist social system, where women are just as busy as men and rarely “housewives”. For most Japanese, the question of “job or family” does not arise. You are able to manage both without much penmanship.

Japanese appreciate real guys who can grab. The man should just be typically male, the woman typically female. But how do Western men prove what they are made of? Anyone who wants to get to know a Japanese woman scores with self-assurance, determination, reliability, courage, and assertiveness.

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A Japanesen woman also values ​​honesty, tolerance and respect. Western men, who immediately get up close and throw cheeks with their cheeks, are out of the race very quickly. Even if a Japanese is dressed so sexy, that does not mean that she tolerates intrusiveness. What agencies should you use – DateAsianWoman, AsianBeautyDating, DateAsianLadies, FindAsiaBeauty they suggest the best girls ever.

If you want to impress a Japanese woman, you should be able to offer her security and, at best, have skilled talents. Good manners are especially important in the eyes of the Japanese. A man must also take the first step and come up with decent manners. Ladies from the Japanese prefer the masculine gentleman-type, who is neither stingy nor boring. A smart suit always makes an impression.

When meeting with a Japanese woman, of course, assumes the bill – whether in the cinema or shopping. If he rips open the car door for the lady, helps her into the coat, chats gallantly and straightens her chair in the restaurant, the points account rises rapidly.

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