Korean brides - why are they so attractive?

Who are you? Mothers, sales assistants, assistants, teachers, nurses, daughters, students. No. You are human: diverse, creative and beautiful. What position does the woman have in Korea? This could fill books. I’ll leave it at this blog entry. I would like to try my focus, not on my personal position as a woman, blonde, white, foreigner. Instead, I want to reflect on how I perceive Korean women. Most of the time, I refer to Korean young female students because I have the closest contact with this group of companies.

Get to know a wide variety of young women, ambitious, courageous, funny, beautiful, but also insecure and less self-confident. I would like to describe some situations. Korean brides are slim, have long black hair, wear glasses and have a really nice smile.

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Short affairs are mainly based on erotic satisfaction and have a narcissistic component, which is why separations often occur. In a long-term relationship where both partners live together, there are basic defense and defense mechanisms in the game that benefit the couple.

Foreigners have become a very common sight in Korea, many men are singles. Smadja also addresses this topic. Men may feel the need to escape the limiting monotony of everyday life, or they may want to violate norms, practices, ideas, and values, and experience an adventure. He believes that they can find all that with a Korean woman, “a foreigner can rid himself of unconscious taboos and constraints in Korea and show behavior that would never be tolerated in his homeland.

Western ideas about Korean women are about sensuality, but also about their devotion to the husband and her role as a “good mother,”. Some men allow themselves in Korea in social and erotic terms, a new behavior and therefore feel from internal constraints liberated. 

Korean women would often idealize and overrate Western men. Being seduced by a Westerner increases self-esteem. The women mainly derive a narcissistic benefit from it, while the Korean men benefit narcissistically and erotically. 

For mixed couples who become parents, other factors are crucial. It is conceivable that a kind of unconscious resistance to the (traditional) parental role model may play a role, or that it is an expression of aggression and rebellion against family norms and values. That could be interpreted as a defense against father and mother. But it could also be an attempt to protect oneself from emotional dependency through geographical and cultural distance. In this respect, marriage to a foreigner would be a defense against Oedipal fears.

Why choose a Korean woman?

I regularly see middle-aged women, in the park, at sports, sightseeing. Happy smiling in her cell phone on selfie stick smiling. It gets even better, as soon as a European woman is seen in the photo.

Korean girls are hot, sexy and interesting

What I want to show with these descriptions is: There is not ONE Korean woman. Anyone who responds to “What role does the Korean woman play in the society?” – you can look at statistics and go-to wedding markets in the big cities. To build relationships between people, to get to know people is, in my opinion, much more interesting than simply comparing numbers to judge developments. Just as Korean is not Korean, a Korean is not a Korean. So, if you were hoping for high stacked interpretations of my encounters – sorry, that’s not what I was concerned about.

Why do Korean women choose to date foreigners?

Experienced men have long since agreed that Korean women are erotic, cuddly and successful. Although these women do not meet the ideal of Western. On the other hand, these women have a high level of self-confidence and also know exactly how to take men.

Korean women are different from women from Korean and Korean women in Western. These women are educated and emit a natural eroticism, which is unfortunately no longer found in most Western women. Of course, this is ideal for men. Because Korean women are the ideal partner for a Western-educated man because of their intelligence.

The mentality of Korean women

One thing should be said here in advance. Korean women do not run after any man. If you want to score with a pretty and erotic Korean lady, you have to bring along some qualities that you either have to acquire or already possess. As a rule, Korean women have very high requirements in terms of partner selection. Since many Western men are also very demanding, these men also represent the ideal partner.

To have a relationship with an attractive Korean woman is the dream of many Western men. Even though these women are educated, they are loyal, loyal and family-oriented. Unlike Western women, Korean women manage to get work and family under one roof.

Korean women are considered extremely feminine. In addition, they make sure that the external appearance is maintained. Korean women are considered particularly stylish. They spend a lot of time to pay attention to their personal hygiene. In addition, they are known to dress elegantly.

In general, the Korean woman is looking for a man who is successful and educated in the profession. The women from Korea still want a man with whom they can talk on equal terms. It is best, of course, if the potential partner has their own home and leads a fulfilling life. This is also the main reason why Western men arrive so well with the Korean. Western men are not in vain considered self-confident, athletic, active and mentally stable.

Korean dating - what should be accepted?

The strengths of a Korean woman lie elsewhere. Usually, these women are pretty and blond. In addition, these women have exotic charisma. With their attractive facial features and the feminist body, it is not easy to escape the spell of these women. In plain English, a Korean woman is always a real eye-catcher at his side. In this way, you can easily put in the scene. Even for introverted men, Korean women are an ideal partner. In this way, a balanced relationship can be maintained.

What do you have to consider when getting acquainted with a Korean lady? Whether you want to get to know Korean or get to know an Asian lady, you should always inform yourself in advance about how the lady is set. Only then can one increase the chances of success on the first date.

Basically, women from Koreans are very shy. This is especially the case if you are not so familiar. But if the ice is broken quickly and a first good conversation is possible, then a pleasant and informal atmosphere can arise. However, the conversation content should also make sense. It is important that you do not talk too loud. Many women feel that way.

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But when a Korean asks at the first conference, “How are you?” Men of the lady should not just serve up their full life tale. Korean women are polite by essence, but initially more enthusiastic in small talk.

If you have not met the right person at school, at work, or at the coffee shop, then the Internet may be the place to find a friend. You can connect with women who share your interests and build a relationship at your own pace. After exchanging messages with a woman for a while, you can meet her in person and have a romantic relationship with her. If you want to find a suitable friend online, then you need to know where to look and how to work on a relationship over a period of time.

Korean mail order brides - why do they seek for a foreigner?

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Sign up for an online dating site. These are the first pages on which you should look for a girlfriend. Online dating is perfect because everyone is looking for love on these platforms, and you can read profiles to see if someone could be a good fit for you. If you have shared several messages with someone, then you can meet with this person in person. Be honest on your dating profile. You may be tempted to cheat on your job, your size, or your interests, but those lies will eventually go away.  Stay open. Even if you do not like the profile of a woman one hundred percent, you may create a bond if you have texted several times.

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