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AdultFriendFinder Review: Finding a Partner Is So Easy with This Site!

Are you moving to another city or country? Are you worried that in a new place you will be full of loneliness? Adult Friend Finder is a platform where you can find a partner anywhere and brighten up your loneliness or monogamous life.

It is worth noting that this site is designed for adults and has a slightly different purpose than the search for a romantic relationship. This is not a traditional dating site to which many are accustomed. Therefore, if you still do not know what kind of platform it is, then in this review you will learn absolutely everything that is needed. If you are ready, then let’s get started!

What It Is and The Origins of Its Creation

Currently, the platform is used by more than 80 million people from all over the world. This site takes its origins from the USA but is popular almost all over the world. What is the purpose of this startup?

The creators of the platform aim to unite like-minded people in a single space of the Internet. This is a space where people can without shame find a partner for any type of relationship without any hesitation.

Let’s Start with Who Uses This Site

Since this site is more focused on erotic relationships and explicit content, users do not have restrictions on freedom. This platform has become a place for adults who are looking for on the same wavelength people regarding their erotic preferences or fantasies. Accordingly, this site is designed for adults. The average age of the platform participants is 25-35 years. But it has no age restrictions, not counting naturally adulthood.

Most users actively post truly explicit content. It can be both video and photos, a blog and even live broadcasts. Both women and men can post content where they are naked and in practice, most users use this opportunity.

As you understand, this is not a traditional dating site for creating a family or romantic relationship. Most members of this platform come in search of a partner, like-minded people, and an erotic relationship. Also, many couples create accounts on these platforms to diversify their intimate life. Therefore, it is often possible to meet profiles of couples in the vastness of these platforms. It has also become one of the favorite places for gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. The number of members of the last category reaches almost 80%, but the female sex with this orientation is about 20%.

Users on the platform are extremely active, frank and communicate with each other through comments, likes, and account views. The platform is very friendly and there is no condemnation or shame. As mentioned earlier this site is for like-minded people.

As you may have guessed, this site is far from a familiar dating site. In other words, this is not Tinder, and if you want to have a romantic relationship, then this place is not quite for these purposes. If you welcome freedom in relationship and not one of those who are ready for one partner for life, then this is for you. But if you are not ready for this kind of relationship, then this doesn’t mean that you should pass by. You can create an account and just watch what is happening on the site. Perhaps the time will come when you realize that this site is for you. Or maybe you will find people who have the same opinion and purposes that you. Moreover, the registration doesn’t obligate you to anything, but only opens up new opportunities!

Where to Start with This Website

As elsewhere, interaction with the site begins with the registration process. It only takes you a few minutes, as it does not require extensive data. All you need is to specify the mail and your intimate preferences. In other words, you need to choose your orientation, as well as the orientation of your potential partner. By the way, you can choose several orientations, and not one.

You can choose your own name as you wish and there is no need to match it with your real one. As for the confidentiality of your identity, it all depends on you and how you fill out the data. No one forces you to write your first and last name as your nickname. So if you want, then no one will know your real name.

After you finish the signing up process, you will be able to do your profile and start using the site. After that, you can find a partner.

The potential partner search algorithm resembles the usual process as in ordinary dating sites. The first criterion will be your zip code, and the first result you will see after you sign up. As you understand, this result will be based only on your location and perhaps you will not find what you want there. So do not be afraid of the first results and immediately think that this site is not suitable for you! 

This can be solved in just a few clicks and using special filters. You can make your searches more accurate and find an almost perfect partner with ease.

Personal Profile Features at Adult Friend Finder Tips

As for the quality of profiles on this platform, they are of good quality. Each profile is detailed in the field of eroticism, that is, you can familiarize yourself with the preferences of a user in the field of sex. But as for some personal information, this you will not find in user profiles. By the way, this is exactly what makes this social platform so popular.

When you create a profile, some of the data from the registration form will be used in your account. This applies only to nickname and gender. Then you can change the information in your profile at any time. Each profile contains basic information about users, location, erotic preferences and so on. This site is not for online communication, but so that through the site you can find a like-minded person from your city and meet in real life. That is why you should indicate your location. But, you can keep your privacy as much as you want!

You can watch photos, videos, read publications of other users absolutely free. But in order to get more information about the person, you will need to see the profile, but this function is already on a paid basis.


How many people will visit your profile depends on the quality and your efforts. Therefore, you should follow these recommendations:

  • Post your photo, because accounts without a personal photo do not attract attention. Therefore, the frequency with which other users will visit your profile and show interest in you will depend on the photo.
  • Make a nice and catchy headline for your profile. When users open the search bar, they are shown the name and title. Therefore, it is worthwhile to dwell on this point in more detail. Make your title more personalized so that you are noticed.
  • Feel free to leave comments and engage in discussions. Thus, you will attract attention to yourself and your profile.

How Communication Works On This Site

This platform really impresses with its arsenal of communication tools, and you will hardly find anything like it anywhere. There are chat groups, vlogs, groups, live broadcasts, the possibility of video chat, and of course the standard email correspondence.

But it is worthwhile to understand that most of the tools do not allow personal communication. This is especially true for comments, group communication, and likes. If you want to continue your communication with a specific member of the platform, then be prepared for the fact that you will have to switch to a paid subscription. Then you can send SMS, add users as friends and certainly use other exclusive features that are provided to premium members.

  • Webcams

You will be able to view what users are showing online or go live directly, where users can join to view you. You can find out who is online thanks to the Live-Action and Live Broadcasting Webcams mark.

  • Groups and Chatrooms

These groups and rooms are freely available. Usually, they are niche, where a specific area is discussed and considered. If you do not find such a group or room that will meet your desires, then you can even create your own.

  • Sex Academy

Well, most likely from the name you already understood what it was about. This section has a lot of practical and methodological information, tips. But this section will be available only to those users who have issued a paid subscription. Also, be careful, there may be additional costs outside the scope of the subscription.

  • Blogs & Magazines

Each user can create and maintain a blog. Each publication can be sent to the site’s journal. It looks like a regular online magazine and provides the right to read to all users and leave comments.

  • Erotic Stories

In this section, users can share stories. They can be both out of real-life and fictional. Of course, the site administration indicates that they were real, but in practice, you can meet the so-called fiction.

  • Flirt

Flirtation means emoji that you can send to the user if you are interested in personal communication. But this feature is only available to owners of a paid subscription. By the way, if you use the site’s features for free, you will be able to get Flirt from other users, but you just won’t be able to answer.

  • Hotlist

If certain users are interesting to you, you can add them to this list so that you can always find them again.

  • Tip

This feature provides the ability to ask the user to post specific content that interests you. If you like a certain profile and have been watching it for a long time, then there is the opportunity to use such a function. This motivates users to post content on the site further.

  • Virtual Gifts

If you are one of those who simply loves giving gifts, then this is quite possible on this platform. Choose a gift that fits your budget and send it to the user you like.

Design and Usability

As for design and usability, everything is extremely simple and intuitive. To understand the site, you only need a few minutes of interaction with it.

Most likely you will spend a lot of time on this site. Therefore, it is impossible to say that the design is poor here. It is simple but quite attractive. You can use the mobile version of the site for your convenience.

Is There a Mobile App?

The Friend Finder Network has developed an application that allows you to use all the sites of this network in a mobile application. With this application you can people from different platforms can communicate in one place. But, if you want, you can use your original account and use all the features of the platform using a smartphone.

Anyone can use the mobile application, as it is available for Android and iOS. The design is more than simple and you will not have any difficulties in using the application. You can log in to your account and enjoy all the features from the platform.

In principle, the application has all the same functions that are presented on the official website. So now you can always stay in touch with your friends from the platform and communicate anywhere.

Let's Consider Free and Paid Services

As you already understood from our Adult Friend Finder review, many functions are free, but in order to use more functions, be prepared for the fact that you will have to purchase a paid subscription. 

You can use for free:

  • Comment on and leave likes on photos, videos, and publications of other users.
  • Add users you like to the hotlist to find them at any time.
  • Keep your personal blog.
  • Join different groups and chat rooms.
  • Use filters to refine your search results.
  • Enjoy a free application for both Android and iOS.

The following features you can use for a fee:

  • View full member profiles.
  • Use chat to talk to other participants.
  • Read incoming messages from users.
  • Send virtual gifts to users.
  • Watch live broadcasts of participants.
  • Add users to your friends.

Unfortunately, many important functions will be available only on a paid basis and probably this is one of the important disadvantages. Since, for example, viewing a profile and using chat is of interest to almost every user. But, nevertheless, free features are also enough to enjoy the features of the platform, communicate with many through comments and likes. 

If you want more, then consider buying a subscription. Please note that it will be much more profitable to purchase an annual subscription to save a lot. For example, buying an annual package will cost you only $240, and if you pay every month, then, in the end, the amount will be $40 in just one month which means $480 per year of usage  – and this price is two times higher.

There are three packages of tariff plans that have both a different cost and a different set of features. Choose the one that suits you best and consider making a purchase for a year rather than a month. 

If you are still confused by the price, then look at it from the other side. It’s much cheaper than looking for a partner in real life. Just imagine how much money you will spend on dates before making sure that you have the same goals. And as practice shows, this can be a waste of time. And here all the cards are open and you have a clear understanding of who and what wants.

What About the Safety and Scams?

Since registration requires a real mail address, this eliminates the possibility of fraud. However, one hundred percent protection systems have not yet been invented. By the way, remember this when you go on a date with any of the users of this platform. But with regard to immediate security on the site, the administration quickly blocks any suspicious activity, but these cases are extremely rare.

If you suddenly see that you have encountered scammers or bots, you need to contact the site administration to take action. If fraud is detected, the account will be deleted without the right to return a membership. 

The Final Thoughts

Anyway, this is one of the best sites in its niche. You have already seen this in our Adult Friend Finder review. There are enough opportunities for the effective use of the platform for free. Of course, paid membership opens up more opportunities and, in fact, it will still leave your wallet full of money.

A large number of like-minded people are gathered here and you won’t feel loneliness at all. Now, moving to another city or even a country does not mean loneliness, you can always find a partner near your location thanks to this platform. To make sure this site is suitable for you or not, do not waste time and proceed to the registration process.

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