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  • Great number of active user profiles
  • Lots of females from different countries
  • Lots of ways to initiate a conversation
  • All interaction means with other members costs credits
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AnastasiaDate Review

Almost all people are dreaming about true love. But what is the best way to find your match? Is it possible to meet the one meant for you on the dating sites? Believe it or not, the area of meeting people online currently continues to be one of the most effective and the way easy methods to find someone you really like. Thousands of couples globally have met each other with the help of various Internet services, where the top place belongs to online dating. 

Why do people choose online dating services?

There are lots of success stories online about happy marriages between the ladies and gentlemen from different countries you can find on the web. Chances are that even some of your friends have met online and then created a family (you might not even know their happy story) Why shouldn’t you try one of the easiest and risk-free options for meeting new people? Most relationship experts believe that using online dating software doubles your chances to find the one meant for you. 

It is surely important to choose a quality service that can offer lots of active users who are also looking for love and are ready to reply fast. For these purposes, it is better to find a reliable service with years of excellent reputation. It is also recommended to pay attention to the number of services the dating platform offers. The more functions you have access to, the easier your communication is likely to appear. For example, many platforms have video calls, three-way calls with an interpreter, and gifts sending options. This functionality will surely help you to win the heart of any beautiful lady on the website. 

In this article, our team of experts tested one of the dating giants with a focus on Slavic brides. The service has a whopping experience in online dating services, as well as tons of advanced functions for communication without any limits. So, here comes the detailed review for Anastasia dating. 

About AnastasiaDate

The service is a dating platform that has been successfully operating on the market for over two decades. AnastasiaDate was one of the first programs for meeting people from other countries, making communication between people from different continents absolutely real. In case you take a few moments to find reviews on the service, you will find lots of positive feedback from people who have been already using the platform. The number of happy end stories is really inspiring – the system can boast to assist in meeting thousands of couples, who built their families. 

What features does service have?

  • Great number of active user profiles. To begin with, the software has a whopping number of visitors. Currently, over 19 million people visit the website yearly, where most people are active website users. By the way, unlike most sites of this kind, the platform has more single ladies then single males. The percentage seems like something around 70% and 30% accordingly. Therefore, there are good chances for meeting a female of your dream right on the website.
  • Lots of females from different countries. Being a global service, AnastasiaDating specializes in offering brides from Slavic and some European countries, including Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, and Slovenia  Many guys are wondering about the reasons for such incredible popularity of these girls. The true story is that most women are miraculously beautiful, smart, hard-working, open-minded, and ready for relocation in case they really like you. 
  • Lots of ways to initiate a conversation. The service is raising your chances of meeting a girl of that kind by the means of online communication. By the way, the platform has tons of different means for getting in touch with new ladies online, including chat, email, video messages, video calls, as well as an opportunity to send real or digital gifts. In case you still hesitate, whether to start using the service, let’s take a look at the way it works.

How AnastasiaDate website works

The site operating principles are really easy. The ladies and gentlemen sign up on the website and can start looking for a perfect match from tons of various profiles available. The service is free for girls but requires making some small payments from males.

How can you use the service? 

  • Investigate the platform. 

To begin with, after creating your profile, you can take a look around to find out whether you will use the system. The male users are allowed to browse the system, get access to the database of women, and use various filters for easier searching for ladies who correspond to certain chosen criteria. For example, you can choose a country where your dream girl resides, her age, appearance, and whether she has kids or not. There are lots of advanced filters for easy browsing to help you make as much precise choice as possible. 

  • Search for the females. 

After you’ve finished with choosing the filters, you will see hundreds of females that look exactly like supermodels with professional photos available at most profiles. Most girls on the site had a photo session of a professional photographer, offered by the AnastasiaDate.That is why all the ladies look incredibly appealing and sexy. If you want to look at a certain girl without makeup in her common environment, you can book a webcam session with her and make sure she is as beautiful as you’ve seen on the photos.

  • Edit your personal profile. 

The first thing you will need to do before looking for a new crash is to set up your profile. Upload your new photo, add some basic information about your hobbies and personal preferences, and get ready to start using the system. Feel free to describe the things you like and don’t like, as well as the qualities and features you are looking for in the partner of your dreams. This will help ladies to know better who you are and whether your goals and desires truly match. 

  • Follow the unwritten rules. 

Don’t write too long and precise description since reading the whole life story of any person might appear to be boring. Point out some facts that make you special, describe what you usually do in your spare time or share some unforgettable experiences. Try to make your profile look brilliant and differ from the others. 

To begin communicating with any woman, or several ladies simultaneously, you will need to purchase the platform’s credits. This means you will need to buy a certain amount of credits used for making calls, video sessions, sending mails, etc. All the prices are budget-friendly and completely affordable for all guys.

How to create account

The system was developed for connecting the lonely hearts of men and women, who are residing in different countries. However, the way males and females sign up to start using the website is a way different.


  • For female users: 


The truth is that many Slavic ladies don’t know English well enough to start using the site. As a rule, they are automatically redirected to the Russian version of the platform for maximum convenience. It is important to note that all new female site members should verify their profile providing valid and up-to-date documents. The service takes care of its reputation and approves profiles of only those women, who can show off their valid documents. 


Only after this stage of the registration is successfully finalized, the ladies receive access to the men’s profiles. As in the other similar platforms, ladies are not required to pay for any services. The situation changes when it comes to men. 


  • For male users: 


  1. Choose the best option for you. As for male users, they have a wider choice for how to create a profile in the system. The first option is to either use your Facebook or Google account. This way, your registration process will be a little bit simpler and faster. However, creating a new subscription with the help of the email is also easy enough. You will need to print your name, surname, email, and password. After that check your mailbox to verify your account. Please note that males are not required for providing any documents when creating a profile. 
  2. Edit your profile. After you’ve successfully signed up for the system, you will be redirected to your profile page. Feel free to point out any information you might find interesting or useful, and don’t forget to upload at least one of your fresh photos. 
  3. Dive into the dating adventure. After you’ve finished setting up your profile, the most interesting things begin. Feel free to search and choose any beauty available on the website. Since there are thousands of profiles of awesome women, the developers’ embedded special filters for making your search more precise and specific. For example, if you would like to start communicating with a cute blondie with no kids, you can easily specify these parameters with the help of filters. 
  4. Use credits. You can buy as many credits as you wish for communication with almost no limits. If you have any worries about privacy or credit card fraud, you can choose PayPal to proceed with completely safe payment. 

Who can you find there

Most women on the site are residing in Ukraine, Russia, and some other Slavic countries. However, American ladies also use the service. By the way, you can effortlessly specify the country where your future match should live with the help of handy filters.

The platform also has countless bisexual users. That is why you can find a true match even in case you are looking for a partner with the same sex as yours. However, the system is still focused on heterosexual relationships since most girls available on the site prefer dating a man. 

Ladies might have different personal preferences, including goals of dating, hobbies, education, and plans to move to another country. So, it is highly recommended to learn more about a certain girl before you start writing her. 

Many guys often feel completely amazed when they first log in to the system. The truth is that there are lots of pretty, lovely, and smart ladies on the site. Therefore, you can start communicating with several women and then choose the one for you. The platform has no limitations on the number of profiles you can communicate with at the same time. 

But what about the services, offered by the platform? You can enjoy any way of communication that is the most preferable for you and your beauty. To know each other better, you can choose any of these services:

  • Chat. Online chat is hitting the list of the easiest and the most convenient ways to discover more about your crash, as well as introduce yourself. With the help of the option, you can immediately get the answers to the questions you have since your communication is held in real-time. Moreover, this function is great for those guys, who are always busy. With the help of the chat, you can communicate with your girlfriend anytime and anywhere. Feel free to chat with your new crush when having lunch or sticking in the traffic jam in your city. This function also appears to be one of the most widely used by thousands of users since it allows communicating with several girls simultaneously. 
  • Video calls. Video calls are surely among the most favorite tools for lots of guys. This option allows seeing your beloved in real-life conditions, listen to her voice, and discover her mimics, gestures, and the secret signs of her body. It is really easier to know whether a certain girl likes you by the means of video call than by the means of chat. Moreover, you can flirt with each other, share secrets, and even show something you would like to share visually with your new girlfriend. 
  • Emails. In case you prefer communication by email, describing things in a more precise way and receiving detailed answers to your questions, the email option is right for you. You can reply to your girl’s emails anytime, as well as know more about several women at once. Using this option is also quick and convenient.
  • Send gifts. You can grab the attention of any beauty on the website by sending her either digital or real gifts. Her heart is likely to melt when receiving a bouquet of red roses right to her doorstep from a good guy, who lives abroad. The service is really simple – all gifts can be purchased with the help of credits you’ve purchased for using the system. 

Still hesitate, which option is better for you? You can easily try different functions for communication and choose any depending on your personal experience. By the way, you can use various tools for communicating with different women on site. 


As we’ve pointed out before, the platform offers a simple credit system. Each action on the site requires having a certain number of credits. Just take a look at some examples:

  • 1 minute of chatting – 1 credit
  • 1 personal email – 1 credit
  • 1-minute video call – 6 credits

As for pricing policy, you can purchase as many credits as you wish. It is cheaper to purchase many credits at once. For example, 20 credits are sold out for 16 dollars, while 200 credits are available for $119. 

You can spend your credits either for communicating with one lady or with several girls. In other words, you can dispose of your credits anytime and anyway you love to. 

By the way, you can find plenty of special Anastasiadate offers on the website. From time to time, there are lots of pleasant discounts or holiday sales that allow saving good money for purchasing the credits. Keep in touch with the offers not to miss great sales. 

Legit or scam service?

The platform is known to have one of the strongest security measures to protect its users from scammers. Therefore, most women on the website have clear intentions to find a boyfriend or even a husband with the help of the software. 

Unlike most dating services, AnastasiaDate has a friendly support system that is always happy to help you in case you have any questions regarding using the platform. The support team is available 24/7, so don’t hesitate to contact it anytime. By the way, you will not need to wait for hours or even days to get all the answers to your questions – the customer support system is super fast and easy to reach. 

One of the most important things you should know about using the dating service is that in case you suddenly faced scam, you can describe the situation in the email to the customer support of the platform. The support team will carefully review your complaint and you will get back the money spent on purchasing the credits for communication with a fake person. However, these accidents happen extremely rarely since all the girls’ profiles are verified. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AnastasiaDate dating site?

The platform is a world-famous online dating solution that attracts millions of users of both sexes from dozens of countries. The solution focuses on providing tools for advanced communication between singles worldwide, as well as lots of opportunities to find true love from abroad. If you are a man who wants to find a girlfriend or a wife among Slavic women, the website might become a perfect choice. 

The system has thousands of girls’ profiles. Here you will find women of any age, appearance, education, hobbies, and plans for the future. Some of them are looking for romance, some for regular dating, while others have clear intentions to marry a caring guy from abroad. The females’ purposes are usually specified in their profile, so you will definitely know what to expect from a certain woman. 

By the way, in case your new crash doesn’t speak English, you can also get the professional services of an interpreter for free. This sounds really great because allows removing a language barrier between the two loving hearts. 

Is AnastasiaDate free?

Some of the functions, offered by the service are free, while the other requires small payments. For example, creating a profile and getting access to the women’s profiles are completely free. You will not get any questions about making payments during your signup process. Also, there is no monthly or yearly subscription you need to purchase. So, what should you pay for? The system offers to pay for different types of communication with the girls from a website. For example, chatting or sending gifts are paid options. 

The platform has a convenient system of credits that can be spent anytime for any of the services, offered by the platform. The prices for communication are really pleasant. You don’t need to be a billionaire to start dating a woman who seems to be the most beautiful lady in the world for you. The pricing policy is affordable for all males, who want to find real love online. 

How do AnastasiaDate credits work?

The platform offers a specially developed credits system. To initiate any type of communication with ladies, you should buy credits first. What does it mean?

Chatting, getting personal emails, sending a video message, making a video call or sending gifts to a chosen woman requires having a certain number of credits. For example, to chat with a lady of your dreams for one minute, get ready to spend one credit. The price for credits vary. The higher the number of credits you are planning to purchase, the lower the price you will get for one of these digital items. Generally, one credit costs about $0.5 – $0.8. 

You can also spend your digital items to communicate with any number of ladies. There are no limitations on your communication which is surely great for those who want to know each other better. 

How many members does AnastasiaDate have?

The service appears to be one of the biggest platforms for communication with Slavic women online. The service can boast of having a whopping number of 4 million users, with men and women from dozens of different countries. Most of the profiles are active, so you are not likely to desperately wait for receiving the answer from a chosen lady for days or even weeks.


Anastasia Dating is surely an outstanding platform that can help you to find the one meant for you. Being one of the most popular resources for Slavic ladies, there are lots of pretty women online who want to find their perfect match. Just try using the service and find your true love within the shortest terms!


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