Demystifying the secretive world of Russian Brides

Many men have had the fantasy of setting themselves up on dates with hot Russian women. Although Russian brides club contains a mystifying attraction, there is no doubt that there is a magnetism to the possibility of scooping up one of these foreign strangers and creating a full relationship and family in the long-run. Many men are drawn to the mystery itself, which leads them to date Russian women. It is adventurous…and obscure. Those who have done it will boast of their experience, leaving those who want to do it tempted to tap into the world of dating Russian women. Although many will daydream about this seductive and fantastical allure, there are those who will follow through with it through the assistance of online dating services and those who just leave it to their imagination. Russian women are filled with this strength of seductive desire.

In reality, what is the nature of a relationship when men acquire new Russian wives or dates? Are they really as mysterious as they are perceived internationally? Do other women around the world have the same attractive allure as a Russian woman? We are about to explore the true nature of the question, “Do Russian women make good wives?” so that the mystery behind this temptation can truly reveal itself. Those who have taken the risk have found that having a Russian wife can be very rewarding and sometimes you need to take a dip into destiny to find the one that is right for you.

The attraction behind Russian mail order brides

The global trend for Western men to want to meet and marry attractive Russian girls has been growing for over thirty years. Although with the world of online dating opening up the selection to women of all nationalities, Russian mail order brides still take first place in winning over the hearts and minds of men. If you are looking to find a woman of your dreams, chances are, your sights will be set on a traditional mindset that a good Russian woman will become the best date or wife in your future. Why is this? Well, for starters, let’s look at the obvious — their beauty is captivating. For centuries, poets have written about their fairness and strength, increasing their desired pursuit for partnership. If you look at a group of people, it is easy to spot a girl of Russian origin, for they stand apart from the rest.

If you are not of the romantic sort, don’t worry, we have a scientific approach that explores the beauty and allure of Russian single women that has proven itself time and time again. Starting in the Medieval times during the Holy Inquisition, many Europeans were obsessed and crazed over the concept of witch hunting. Women from all over, regardless of their age or relationship status, were burned at the stakes for the simplest of accusations without anything close to a trial of their accounts. Due to the patriarchal nature of that society, women who displayed any sense of intelligence were likely to be accused of making a deal with the devil, exchanging their soul for mental gifts, leading bystanders to believe they were practicing witchcraft. For years, genetic cleaning of attractive and intelligent women took place, leaving the women (and future men) of the West to devolve.

However, across the globe in present-day Russia, there was a completely different religious perspective. In the West, beautiful women were hunted down, with pursuers believing their natural beauty was supernatural. In Russia, it was the opposite. Although there was still religious fervor and the desire to clean society of those making pacts with the devil, it was the older and less attractive females that were considered a threat to religious society. This is evident today from the traditional Russian folklore (both written and verbal), where witches are often described as having very unattractive traits: rotting or crooked teeth, unkempt hair or appearance, too fat or too thin, etc. Due to this, young and beautiful Russian women who were married or set to be married had less to fear — at least during Medieval times. Therefore, the genetic pool was cleansed of ugliness, allowing the natural beauty of Russian women to flourish for ages to come.  

But in the argument of nature versus nurture, it would be unfair to say that genetic cleansing is the only reason why today’s Russian brides stand apart in the selection for dating. Genes do not play a role in lifestyle, and how Russian women care for their bodies and appearance plays a major factor in their attractiveness. For Russian women, being strong and fit is a status symbol, so they care for their bodies with a good diet and regular exercise. To accentuate their physique, they dress modestly, yet fashionably in order to highlight their best features. The Russian woman’s wardrobe is one that is to be desired by women worldwide — and it extends far beyond cocktail dress or fine dining clothes. At all times, Russian women pride themselves on their appearance, regardless of if they are attending a party or doing routine errands around the house or local neighborhood. Even in the middle of the night, Russian women are sure to look beautiful and serene with a hint of mystic glamour.

What traits make hot Russian brides so desirable?

Beauty is only skin deep — so every man should know that they cannot marry or date a girl just because of her looks. Luckily, Russian girls realize that and have much more potential than just being a piece of eye candy. Instead, they feel the opposite of what most Western girls do — they don’t want men to just desire them for their looks. Most hot Russian brides work very hard to develop a slew of characteristics in their personalities to make sure that they are an ideal match to the worthiest of men. Why is this? Russian women firmly believe in the traditional roles of men and women and how they play out in the familial and societal structures.

The benefit of this is that even though they are known to be strong, they are keen on remaining feminine, not feminist. This is clearly evident in everything, right down to the way that they dress. Russian women love traditional wear meant for women: skirts, heels, dresses, makeup, etc. As they attempt to keep up on their feminine figure at the gym, they do not seek to emulate male workouts. Most likely, if you meet a Russian woman, her main goal in life is to be an ideal wife and mother — not to conquer the world or to live their live proving for themselves in a male-dominated society. Most beautiful Russian brides are raised from a young age to expect marriage by the age of twenty and are primed and prepped to be able to take on this future role. There is very little convincing a man has to do to get Russian women for marriage. They are seeking out this role in companionship. There are many qualities that they develop before their early twenties that make them ideal candidates, including their compassion, work ethic at home, child-bearing and their social decorum.

Russian women are meant to be a staple of any household. They tend to love — not cringe — at the fact of being able to keep the house, run errands, cook, and do the laundry. They also do it very efficiently. It does not take her as long as an average woman because they are bred for household keeping; their spare time is usually spent in some sort of hobby that helps them to grow as women — and make them more attractive to men they are seeking.

The power of conversation is also developed through their education. Many men fail to realize that most Russian women are highly educated — usually with a Bachelor’s degree; yet, when they discover this, they find that they have ultimately met the woman of their dreams. Most Russian women brides exercise their high level of education through interesting conversation or through the development of hobbies listed earlier, but do not run on their ego and strive to be better than their male counterparts. They hold a strong level of reserve when it comes to their ego, not boasting of their intelligence or correcting their new husbands (especially in public).

The secret gift that all Russian women have

Have you ever heard that the only way to get to a man’s heart is through his stomach? This common adage holds true for Russian mail order wives. They are strong in the kitchen and will assure that you and your children will have a hearty and nutritious meal several times a day. One that will taste good and stick to your ribs for sure. Instead of sitting around asking, “what do you want for dinner,” and getting the same question in return, a Russian bride will always find the perfect meal with the ingredients on hand, or will make quick trips to the grocery store that will ensure a wide variety of meal selections. You will find that the more she gets to know her new partner, the more she will develop meals around his liking — because she aims to please. If a man even for a moment begins to regret his decision out of a momentary lapse of reason, the smell of her traditional cooking will woo him back in, in no time.

How great would it be to come home and find the smell of freshly made bread or cookies wafting through your house? Or to have a beautiful arrangement of edibles to snack on when your buddies are over? Keeping house and providing freshly prepared meals is important to Russian brides, and they pride themselves on this. No more fast food or supermarket buffet lines — not only will your stomach thank you, your health will too. A Russian woman prides herself on being able to provide delicious and nutritious meals for everyone in her family and depends on fulfilling this role as part of her womanhood.

Why do men enjoy dating Russian women?

There is no better answer than an answer from an average man. Here is what Brian from North Carolina had to say:

“They always say that you marry a girl that reminds you most of your mom. Growing up, my mom was always the homemaker and took care of my dad, my brothers and I in every possible way. She was so proud of it, and she was so great at it. This is what I would want from my future wife and mother of my future children.”

Dennis from New Jersey had a more blunt perspective:

“In a family, a man should be the head of the household and a woman is supposed to follow suit. My future wife needs to share this vision as part of her values. I do not want our family or home suffering because my wife wants to be my equal. She is responsible for her duties, and I am responsible for mine. Otherwise, it just isn’t going to work.”

Luckily, when you go through a dating agency to find mail order Russian brides, the common equation among all of these women is the fulfillment of traditional household roles. So, if your view is similar to those of the men listed above, you are looking in the right place.

How Russian brides club defines family values

Family values are held to the highest regard for Russians, and this has been a staple belief in their customs throughout the centuries. If you have a good, strong family unit, you can endure any turmoil that comes your way. Everything in life is secondary — regardless of your upbringing, your education or your occupation. For Russian woman, the greatest accomplishment is to become a dedicated wife and a loving mother. Sure, they may pursue other interests in life such as education or a stable career. However, a family will always come first. If there is something lacking at home, you will see it plain as the nose on the face of a Russian woman.

To a Russian bride, there is a little variance of traditional definition as to the roles of each individual in a family. The word “husband” means ‘provider,’ ‘head of household.’ The term “wife” is one of subordination, providing a feeling of comfort and well-being in a household — innately making a house into a home. When asked to define a “home,” a Russian woman will respond it is a place to keep the family together. It is the wife’s duty to make it so, and keep it so. They take great honour in that.

When it comes to children, Russian women are wonderful and caring mothers. They properly raise their children, and they take honour in it. She will not hire a babysitter or send your children to daycare! They are firm believers that children are extensions of their parent’s heritage and should be celebrated, that’s why they are so intent on making sure that they are the ones responsible for children upbringing.  

When you marry a Russian woman, they may become devoted to your home and family, but they will not defer from who they are as people. In a man’s eyes, they will just become that much better. No matter what, she will still remain beautiful, intelligent and strong. However, they will occupy their time with productive errands and hobbies that will help them grow in nature. Their outside environment will reflect their souls — always well-kept and put together.

Why do Russian women use online dating services?

What drives anyone to an online dating service? There are many single Russian women that are looking for the same thing as another person — someone to fall in love with. You may be thinking, “If they are so outstanding and beautiful, why would they come all the way across the world to a completely different culture and society…and not stay in Russia and meet Russian men?” Think of it this way — why does a man look for Russian brides online? Sometimes, it is difficult to meet someone in your own neighborhood, city or even country. Sometimes, your soul mate lives across the country and the only way that you find them is through a dating website. There is nothing wrong with this. We live in an era of technology. While women do outnumber men in Russia, other factors come into play. Russian women have a much better chance at succeeding and excelling in the West. It is more economically stable, for one. They are looking for a chance to exercise their freedom to be the best women and homemakers they can be.

What kind of men make the best husbands for Russian Brides?

Russian brides depend a lot on having a strong man in their homes — and one that takes the lead, is the head of household, and a person that thrives much on being the center of attention and wanting respect and the authority to make decisions. Most Russian women online rely on having a man that wants to provide for the family and give the means it takes for a woman to make the house into a home. Men should be willing to take on the responsibility for setting the tone of the household — both for their wives and for their children. Russian women do not seek wish-washy men. Men are there to steer the ship, and women are there to make it comfortable and tidy for the journey. Russian women are in it for the long haul, so a man who is driven to keep the relationship going (because again, traditional values mean that you don’t just throw in the towel over one argument) is important. Each person plays a part in a household.

Another important factor is gentleman manners. Many Western women today won’t even let men open doors for them or pump their gas. Why? Because they want to be seen as equals to men. Not Russian women — they seek to have a man take care of them the way a traditional man should. A Russian woman will always appreciate simple acts of kindness. If you need lessons on how to do this, talk with your grandfather and grandmother. You need to treat her in a way a lady should be treated.

It doesn’t take much to impress a Russian woman — and you certainly don’t have to go overboard. Provide her with specific compliments. Talk to her about her hair, how she prepares her meals, how she keeps the house or raises the children. She will put in all the effort because she has been waiting to find a man like you, so show her that you appreciate it, because it is all for you. A few kind words will reap many, many rewards.

Four ways to win the heart of a Russian Woman

Russian women desire to be desired, so make sure that sincere and real compliments are made on a regular basis. You can focus on a few things (even though we are sure that you will find many more). You can comment on how she actively listens and pays attention. Compliment her on how interesting her culture, family, neighborhood, or experiences are. The more you listen, the more content you will have to comment on, so keep your ears open. If you don’t, it will look like you are not paying attention and that you don’t care about who she is or where she comes from. This isn’t the way to win over the heart of a Russian woman.

Russian girls are selective about their conversation and will not talk just to talk like Western women will do. They will actively listen, remain patient during the conversation, and there may be a few moments that are mixed with an uncomfortable silence. Don’t worry — when she speaks, it will be important. Part of the allure and mystery of a Russian woman is that they do not idly chit-chat for no reason. They would rather be silent than to just run their mouth. So, when they do speak, it will sound much more profound that what many men are used to.

Once you have moved past the online dating part of your relationship, and you are ready to meet her in real life, here is a great pointer to get the conversation going. Talk about her! Ask her questions about what her life is like, what her background is, and what she enjoys doing. It may seem like you are filling out a questionnaire, but it will show that you are truly interested. It sure beats talking about the weather!

You cannot buy a Russian bride but you can win her heart with a small present. Be a gentleman and welcome her with a small bottle of perfume, something sweet or something beautiful. These types of gifts are perfect until you get to know the real her and what her tastes are. She will not care if you spend a lot or a little — it is the thought of a gift that will win her over the most. The thought of you thinking of her enough to purchase her a gift that will warm her heart — and she will be waiting for such signs as these.

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